The importance of servicing your Disc Brakes. #HinklerMotors

Your car’s brakes are one of the most important parts on your vehicle.

Hinkler Motors MordiallocWithout brakes that are working efficiently, you increase your chance of having an accident especially in the cooler months when the roads are wet and icy.

At Hinkler Motors in Mordialloc we check, service and repair your brakes as a part as our general vehicle service.

On the whole most Disc Brake Pads should last around 20,000 km in most cars, however if you are increasing the load in your vehicle, you might need to change your brake pads to a more heavy duty version. Hinkler Motors Mechanics are experts when it comes to making assessments of the type of disc brake pads for your vehicle.

Hinkler Motors MordiallocOn the whole, your brakes are supposed to be quiet. However some noise is normal and we would expect them to make a little sound. The different between a little sound and a large screech or grinding means that your brakes are probably due for a car service. This sound is most likely due to the wear indicator having been exposed to the disc.

Understanding and listening to your car is the most important diagnostic tool that you have. Get to know the natural sounds of your brakes, because if there is a change you will be the first to notice it.

At Hinkler Motors we will test your car to ensure the responsiveness of your disc brakes and make sure that you are cruising safely around.

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