How is your car’s suspension? #HinklerMotors

The basic principal behind suspension is to minimise the friction between your tires and the gruelling surface of the road. It does this by providing steering stability and ensuring the overall handling of your car is maintained.

download (3)As the road’s surfaces are consistently changing from km to km, it is important to ensure that your car has highly functioning suspension. The role of suspension is to absorb the energy of the accelerated wheel in motion, whilst ensuring that the car’s cabin is kept relatively shock free.

A vehicle’s dynamics are measured by the forces used to describe a car, more specifically a car’s ride and handling. Moreover the better the suspension, the smoother the experience.

001_dipla_psalidiaThere are four types of suspension for every day vehicles. Coil Springs are designed to expand and to store the motion of the wheel. Leaf Springs consist of several layers of bound metal which absorbs friction with movement. These are most common on trucks and heavy duty vehicles. Torsion Bars are made up of a steel bar that produces a coil like result. And lastly Air Springs that operate by using air compression to absorb the natural vibrations of the wheels.

Your car’s performance will depend on it’s ability to function smoothly as it’s parts adjust to the changing landscape of the road. The more superior the suspension, the better performance you will experience in your car. 

travel_wheel2As an important aspect of your car’s mechanical foundation, suspension has the ability to affect acceleration, breaking, and handling which can all lead to serious road repercussions. The role of Hinkler Motors is to ensure that tie rod, ball joints and suspension brushes are all in a good condition and of working order. This includes paying attention to the shock absorbers and struts, springs and tires.

If you are unsure of the health of your suspension, there are a couple of telltale signs such as;

  • Easy wear of tires
  • Leaks in the shock absorbers
  • Car dipping when breaking
  • Decreased  experience of corner handling

If you have any of the previous concerns with your car’s suspension then perhaps it is time for a service at Hinkler Motors.

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